LiveChat: Capture Offline Chat Messages in Zendesk

2010 年 7 月 27 日

You might have noticed that this post is pretty old. For the latest on LiveChat integration with Zendesk, visit our Apps Marketplace.

Before a customer experiences your products, services or support, they often will visit your website first.  Giving website visitors a low friction means of asking questions to your support staff will improve visitor education, minimize confusion and ultimately improve customer conversion.

Adding chat functionality to your website is a powerful means of accomplishing this.  Online chat provider LiveChat has released a Zendesk custom widget that allows administrators to embed a chat button in their Zendesk support portal.  The chat button initiates a live chat session when personnel are available.  When operators are unavailable, an offline message can be captured as a Zendesk ticket. Your website visitors will have their questions answered around the clock and Zendesk users will capture more of the customer conversation.

LiveChat offers 30 days of free trial, a special offer for Zendesk users.