Customizing Zendesk Insights

Published October 28, 2014
Last updated October 14, 2021

Customizing Zendesk Insights
Zendesk Insights is a platform for analyzing your team’s customer support interactions and their impact on your customer relationships and the health of your business. Because Insights lets you combine granular, down-to-the-touch support data with contextual information about your customers (like tenure, total spent, and Net Promoter Score—or just about anything else), your ability to create reports is limited only by your imagination.

If you’re comfortable using GoodData to create custom customer service metrics and want to start designing actionable reports to enlighten and motivate your colleagues, this guide is for you. Customizing Zendesk Insights contains 14 examples of multivariate visualizations to provide you some business intelligence inspiration. You’ll see screenshots and read interpretations for sample reports that can be used for:

  • Optimizing support operations: fine-tuning processes for faster responses and happier customers
  • Root cause analysis: discovering what drives customer support costs
  • Proactive engagement: going to your customers first with product changes that could generate support requests

There’s something for everyone. Whether your team is 5 or 500 strong, Customizing Zendesk Insights will give you plenty of ideas for turning your business into a truly data-driven organization.