The Cotton On Group brings 8 brands together on Zendesk Support with Multibrand

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On the road to global success with
20,000 employees in 1,300 retail stores

A truly global brand, The Cotton On Group has quite a task at hand: it employs over 20,000
people, operates over 1,300 retail stores around the globe, and manages a booming online
business. Suffice it is to say, the group needed a seriously high—performance system for tracking,
prioritising, and solving customer support tickets.

As the company has grown, it split its customer service between in—store and online encounters
and began to move tickets between support teams around the world.

This created a challenge facing many other retail giants: how to unify information in real—time
across geographically—distant stores, platforms, and corporate departments.

The need for one multi-purpose customer experience platform across the world

Multibrand gave The Cotton On Group the extra 'oomph' their network of global brands needed - delivering one beautifully seamless and bespoke solution to elevate performance.

The biggest win for The Cotton On Group is having a single, company-wide snapshot of customer support. Wallace can nopw report the entire team's performance across all channels, and brands, and give each team's managers a break-down of their progress.

Wallace also likes the way Multibrand does not require each brand to independently update Support, and allows the company to clearly identify issues for improvement, so the company can resolve these quickly and focus on doing its best work.

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One agile solution to deliver seamless customer service

The use of the Multibrand feature has enabled the group to up its customer service game in a big way. It allows The Cotton On Group's brands to preserve their autonomy - especially over social media support - while maintaining a consistent customer service experience.

Since each customer will interact with multiple support teams, the company emphasizes the need to respond to "any customer, anytime, anyhow".

While each of The Cotton On Group's seven help centres use the same template, each one is customised to meet the needs of each individual brand. On top of that, the company has new automations to assist the flow of triage tickets within, and between, departments. Using Multibrand ensures The Cotton On Group's business runs like a well-oiled machine at every level across all markets.

Setting up for success with
Zendesk Support

No one drives a Ferrari like an expert without a few lessons or at least a lot of practice. But Zendesk is always here to coach you through the particulars and get you and your team off to a stellar start and up and running in no time.

"Support has been really easy to use and the team easy to work with," says Wallace. "I can ring up our account manager at any time and he's always good for a chat. The time he's spent getting us up and running has paid dividends, and now I'm an advanced Support user."

Begin your journey to CX excellence

If you're interested in seeing great results like our other customers have, we're ready to help. Whether you're starting from scratch, or already on your journey, Zendesk can help you deliver CX excellence. Fill in your details and we'll be in touch!



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